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To Coupon or Not??

May 15, 2018 Hey Everyone, I don't know about you but I'm very tired of always reading on Pinterest or on websites that to save money on groceries that one of the best options is to coupon. Is that just me? When I first started trying to save money I did use coupons and for … Continue reading To Coupon or Not??


First Cold Run

February 13, 2018 Hey Everyone, Yesterday it was so cold that there was a nice blanket of snow covering the ground when I awoke in the morning. Even though it was all melted by the afternoon, I was afraid that it would snow again and this morning would be my first snowy run. Fortunately, while … Continue reading First Cold Run

A Detour in the Journey

February 08, 2018 Hey Everyone, Life throws those curveballs that can either make or break a person. I have to break it to you that unfortunately the Dopey Challenge has been slightly changed. I'm taking a slight detour and postponing the finale until January 2022. You read that correctly; two years later than the original … Continue reading A Detour in the Journey

A Cold Tax Season is Here

February 06, 2018 Hey Everyone, Looks like some groundhog saw his shadow so we are getting another 6 weeks of winter. Living in Reno, NV we either get Winter or Summer, there is no in between, not really.  So I guess we are just going to be colder a little longer than usual. Others out … Continue reading A Cold Tax Season is Here