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To Coupon or Not??

May 15, 2018 Hey Everyone, I don't know about you but I'm very tired of always reading on Pinterest or on websites that to save money on groceries that one of the best options is to coupon. Is that just me? When I first started trying to save money I did use coupons and for … Continue reading To Coupon or Not??


Cross-Eyed Life

January 30, 2018 Hey Everyone, I am sorry for not posting the last few days. Life has been in one of those upheavals. Last Thursday my oldest son had eye surgery to correct his Strabismus. This is a condition in which¬†his eyes did not align properly to focus on objects causing double vision, lack of … Continue reading Cross-Eyed Life

OEP Finale

January 9, 2018 Hey Everyone, So during 2017 the Anual Open Enrollment period that goes from 10/15- 12/07 didn't technically start early by any means because that would be going against the federal government or some such thing as that, but people certainly started calling about three weeks before the official start date to begin … Continue reading OEP Finale