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A Year of Braceface

A Year of Braceface

January 16, 2018

Hey Everyone,

As of the 10th, I have had braces for exactly 1 year. 12 months. 365 days. Only 10-12 more months to go.

BracesLooking at the before and the now, there has been such a tremendous transition. I have gained so much confidence when I smile and also am more than willing to be in a picture. Before I had braces I would look at other people and see their perfect teeth and get very self-conscious.

At first, when I got the braces it was just the top and my front gap was closed right away. Only the top was applied because I had such an overbite that if I got the bottoms they would be bitten off in like 10 minutes. Ouch!!

Since I have Hypodontia and have either missing teeth or just have baby teeth halfway through the year I got my canines shaved down to look like the missing lateral incisors and my 1st premolars reshaped into the canines. The other option would have been to have implants put in to replace the lateral incisors, but that costs a lot of money $3,000- $5,000, which we do not have, and I think I would have looked funny with perfectly nice teeth but no incisors.

Also, the orthodontist found that underneath one of my baby teeth on the bottom there was a “hidden” adult tooth that could have become infected down the road. I had another decision to make: I could just leave the baby tooth alone and then in 3-5 years have an oral surgeon surgically remove it (ouch!!) or…I could have the baby tooth pulled and try and pull the adult tooth up and get a cap put on. Either way, the adult tooth was going to need to be dealt with so I didn’t get oral cancer. Being that I am scared of the possibility of getting any type of cancer I had the surgery to remove the baby tooth and found that the adult tooth wasn’t viable so it was also removed and a good chunk of my jaw bone. The recovery was longer than when I had my wisdom tooth removal, and I have to say more painful. Still a good decision.

The past year has changed my oral hygiene for the better. I have had to learn how to properly do it, and also the time and money needed to invest in the correct care. At first, it was difficult because I knew that I needed to brush but it was usually a quick 30 seconds of minimum effort once a day. So to do it twice a day for a full 2 minutes and add flossing, mouthwash, and the last few month using a Waterpik. I gotta say 30 seconds a day to a full 15-20 minutes twice a day was quite a transition for me. Now I can feel when my mouth is dirty.

Some of you will say, “How could you not know?” or something about how I was so gross. I have to agree. It was gross and I didn’t know because I wasn’t taught. I never went to the dentist growing up, I got a new toothbrush once a year. I’m very lucky that I even got a toothbrush in general with how I grew up. Now that I’m older and making a conscious decision to better myself and my family I’m learning a lot. This is all part of the journey. My kids will not have to worry about not knowing how to take care of their teeth. They brush, floss and Waterpik with me every morning and night. And if they need it (knowing Husband had braces for two years, and I have braces now they most likely will as well) they will be getting them.

Did you have braces? When? How long? Do you wish you had braces? Are you going to get braces in the future? Let me know. Be a part of this journey and tell me your experience in the comments.

See you on the other side.


A Good Twist In the Journey

A Good Twist In the Journey

January 14, 2018

Hey Everyone,

So on Thursday night Husband, boys and I had dinner with Husband’s mom (MIL), step-dad (FIL), and brothers (BIL1 and BIL2). A get together is not a big deal because it is a very close-knit family that randomly has get-togethers like this, I would say every one-to-two months. Thursday was a little different.

Looks like MIL and FIL are moving all the way across the country to Tennessee in 2019. 2,316 miles away. None of us were really surprised because they had been talking over the last couple of years about the possibility of going and what would need to be done to accomplish that goal and other stuff. What surprised me was that they are going to divide their property into four equal parts and give them to Husband, his brothers and another person in FIL’s family. 8.25 acres each.

That was a major twist. A good twist in this journey.

Since that night Husband and I have been having serious discussions about the possibility of moving to TN with them. We would need to start getting our stuff together and paying down debt to save for putting up a house on the land if we decide to do it. Either way, though the land is there if we use it, or not.

Another great thing is that my job moves with me, so I don’t have to go through the awkward stage of moving to a new place and also looking for work. Unfortunately, depending on when we depart is on if Husband will have to go through the same song and dance. Finding an accounting job in TN shouldn’t be too difficult? We shall see when we cross that bridge.

What do you think? Have any of you ever move cross country? What would be some advice for us? Look forward to seeing some responses.

See you on the other side.

I Detest Cleaning

January 11, 2018

Hey Everyone,

Growing up the house that I grew in was deplorable. Plain and simple. My step-dad had a large dog, German Shephard that shed all year long, he smoked inside the house, leaving cigarette butts everywhere, food wasn’t left out to mold because us kids would eat it too fast for it to go to waste. The blinds, curtains, and walls had layers and layers of smoke stains and dust covering them. There was no natural light let into the house almost at any time. The only time I ever saw cleaning being accomplished was on the super rare occasion that my dad decided to throw a party. By the time I was 18, everyone passed on the parties.

After getting kicked out the day I turned 18, I had no idea how to properly clean or do any household maintenance, outside of laundry. It was very nerve-wracking. And here’s the even bigger kicker, I was actually expected to be the housecleaner for the person who took me in when I was 18. Let’s just say that they must have had a heart of gold to put on with my mediocre housecleaning.

Once Husband and I got married and had our own place, it was frustrating to be able to see messes and not know how to properly clean them, or do basic house maintenance. I didn’t even know how often to change a toothbrush or wash sheets/blankets. It was very pathetic.

Husband was also not the best at cleaning up after himself either and with a young child in the household, the house was not as messy as the house I grew up in, but it was definitely not very cleanly,  I hate to say.

After a while, I found this great blog The Confident Mom. It was in a time in my life where something had to change, otherwise, I had a fear of not being able to be a good enough mom to my boys. For the last three years, I have been using her weekly household planner to help keep my house much cleaner than I had. It was the best free investment that I found.

Now that I had a what to clean and how often I then had to find out how to clean, and what products to use. At first, it was hard because I was almost working from the ground up and many of our things had caked on food and gunk. Limiting myself to 15 minutes a night focusing on the tasks before I would actually be interested in accomplishing the task of cleaning was paramount to where I am now on this cleaning achievement.

Even though I’m not perfect and I do get off track on the cleaning schedule, similarly to during OEP, the mess around the house makes me anxious. I get distracted by everything and just feel the need to clean it up or snap at anyone around who is making the mess. It is reprehensible how I respond, but it just gets on my nerve.

With that being said, I detest the act of cleaning. I feel inadequate with learning the basics at such an adult age when I should have been learning from childhood, and also how much effort it sometimes takes to do certain tasks, like laundry because we don’t have washer and dryer hookups in our apartment.

Let’s just keep going though, we have so much to learn.

Stay on the journey.

See you on the other side.