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Welcome Mother’s Day Weekend

May 11, 2018 Hey Everyone, Mother's past, present, and future, through birth, adoption, step, or guardianship you are all special. It takes a lot of strength to be a mother. When you are a mother you are not "just a mom" there are so many titles that go into just one word; mentor, teacher, cheerleader, … Continue reading Welcome Mother’s Day Weekend


A Detour in the Journey

February 08, 2018 Hey Everyone, Life throws those curveballs that can either make or break a person. I have to break it to you that unfortunately the Dopey Challenge has been slightly changed. I'm taking a slight detour and postponing the finale until January 2022. You read that correctly; two years later than the original … Continue reading A Detour in the Journey

Cross-Eyed Life

January 30, 2018 Hey Everyone, I am sorry for not posting the last few days. Life has been in one of those upheavals. Last Thursday my oldest son had eye surgery to correct his Strabismus. This is a condition in which¬†his eyes did not align properly to focus on objects causing double vision, lack of … Continue reading Cross-Eyed Life

A Year of Braceface

A Year of Braceface

January 16, 2018 Hey Everyone, As of the 10th, I have had braces for exactly 1 year. 12 months. 365 days. Only 10-12 more months to go. Looking at the before and the now, there has been such a tremendous transition. I have gained so much confidence when I smile and also am more than … Continue reading A Year of Braceface