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January 2018 Running Schedule

January 07, 2018

Hey Everyone,

With everything comes changes, I bet you thought I had given up on running and this whole Dopey Challenge, 48.6 miles in four days in 2020. Nope. You would definitely be mistaken. It wouldn’t be a challenge if I just gave up, would it?

While I did have to step back from running for the last 3 months, I’m not giving up. I had to step back so that I could work some long crazy hours during our busiest time of the year and catch up on bills. Wasting that opportunity is almost like throwing money down the drain. I just couldn’t do that.

Now that I’m getting back on track and integrating running back into my life, I have to do it slowly. I wouldn’t want to injure myself out of impatience. That would make my life a lot more stressful with having to recover from an unnecessary injury. Three to four runs a week. Plenty of rest along the way, with steady mileage increases from week to week.

I looked up some way to keep better track of my goal. So I found a great site, non-affiliated, so you can love it or leave it. Runkeeper as well as using FitBit.

I have three goals:

  1. Dopey Challenge in Orlando, FL in January of 2020
  2. Run 500 Miles this year
  3. Gain 15 pounds

They aren’t super flamboyant but will be challenging in their own ways. But it’s the journey along the way that makes the biggest difference.

See you on the other side.

3 Financial Focuses for 4th Quarter of 2017

3 Financial Focuses for 4th Quarter of 2017

September 7, 2017

Hey Everyone,

It’s coming upon the last quarter of 2017 so this is the time of the year we need to be more financially focused to end the year strong and start 2018 even more financially stable.

Here are 3 financial goals that my husband and I are focusing in the 4th quarter of 2017:

  1. Financial Diligence
    1. What I mean by financial diligence is sticking to the budget. I found a great free budgeting document that allows me to use Excel, and see any adjusted amounts. At first, it was a little time consuming to re-name everything because I did it individually for each page and then, my husband seeing my frustration was like, “What the f**** are you doing? You can just copy and paste the name into the cell you want because those don’t have any formulas.” He then proceeded to take over and finished what I had been slaving over for an hour in 2 minutes. I still say I did most of the work, it still got done.
    2. With all the extra money I will be working during the Federal Open Enrollment (FOE) we cannot just spend the money earned unwisely. We need to be focusing specifically putting that extra money on paying rent ahead. The goal is to pay 4 months of rent ahead in 2018 (January- April), so that during January- April when we get the GI Bill and Tax return we can put it towards the rest of the 2018 rent. That may sound confusing, but my husband is losing his GI Bill in May of 2018, so it will no longer be paying for housing or the last semester of his schooling. We really need to be financially diligent so that when we lose 1/3 of our income it won’t be as much of a blow because we have that covered. Wish us luck on that we will need it for sure.
  2. Work, Work, Work
    1. October 15- December 7 is OEP. That is the time of the year that my job hours jump from 40 hours a week up to about 100 hours. That is some hard earned money for sure. The great thing about my job is that we DO NOT HAVE to take any extra over time (OT) that we don’t want to take, outside of the 6-10 hours mandatory. We even have the freedom to spread out the OT to whenever we want to take it. That is fantastic because I still have my training scheduled on my calendar that is not to be missed.
    2. I am actually limiting myself to about 70.5 hours a week so that I don’t get burned out, can spend some time with my family, and still make some very good money. By the end, I will be totally exhausted and want to sleep for a week, but there are only 2 more years (’17/’18) where I absolutely need to push myself to my limits. I probably still will push myself year after year, so that we get closer to our financial goals.
    3. My husband’s goal is to go to college and get good grades. So far he has a 4.0 GPA, part of the honor society, Dean’s list and even does some tutoring for those struggling in his classes. We really want him to finish school, so to help financially he put in his application at Wal-Mart as a part time courtesy clerk (a.k.a cart pusher) on the weekends. It shouldn’t interfere with his studies. That will help us financially put aside some money for 2018.
  3. Forward Dreaming
    1. We cannot be planning and pushing ourselves to this extreme without some dreams of the future. During this post, it should have given you an idea of what some of our financial dreams are for the future.
      1. End of 2017- 4 months of rent paid for 2018
      2. 2018- Finish College
      3. 2019- Pay off 25,000 in debt and save 8,000 for Dopey Challenge Adventure in January 2020
      4. 2020- Pay off 35,000 in debt
      5. 2025- 30% Down payment on a house

This is going to be one turbulent adventure for sure, glad you came along for the ride.

See you on the other side!

2017 Labor Day Run

2017 Labor Day Run

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Hey Everyone,

Let me just say that the last two weeks have not been easy. There was lots of stress and frustration for both Husband and me. But we made it!!! September is here and we are going to make the most of it no matter what it takes.

It’s Labor Day Weekend, and lots of people get a three day weekend. Yay!! That’s exciting!! Please, everyone, be safe and don’t drink and drive, or set off illegal fireworks.

This morning I was almost going to skip my long run because I stayed up way too late after having friends over for games (never ever play trivia games with my husband, you will lose badly), ate way too much pizza (6 slices) and soda (3- 8 oz cans of 7-Up), and then staying up even longer because I started a mini- weekend project because of the 3 day weekend.

I still did it!! 11 Miles today. And because people seemed to like my pictures, here’s the proof.

09-03-2017 11 Mile run

09-03-2017 11 Mile Pace

As you can see, I started at 7:33 A.M. PST and I rocked it. I’m still slow and steady at a 10:13 min/mile pace. Looking at this picture, you’re probably wondering what that dip is for. No, I did not suddenly die and come back to life. As amazing as that would be to happen. For the love of my husband when I hit the halfway point/I’m coming back home I send him a quick text of the address and that I’m coming back home so that if anything were to ever happen to me, or he was to worry there would be some information to reassure him. By taking the time to do that, it causes my heart rate to drop. I wonder if my heart rate dropping that fast after being elevated for such a long time is a good thing or a bad thing?

I do know that according to my Fitbit information that my VO2 Max is 50-54 which is considered “Excellent” but I’m not a medical professional so I’ll have to trust the information given to me.

After that run, my body feels like it got hit by a cannon filled with cement, especially my hips. My stomach is screaming at me to fill it with sour cream and onion chips smothered with gravy and salt. For some reason, I have a craving for straight salt.  Totally gross. It could also be that I didn’t eat anything before I ran, so I’m at -1,065 calories for the day.


Looking at my face after my long run, I had that look of I just ran 11 miles, I forgot how to speak, so do not ask me.

I am really starting to see some definition in my abdomen, upper arms, and upper back muscles. And every Thursday I’ve been going to Body Combat at my gym for the last couple of weeks so that’s some great cross training going on to add to my overall fitness routine.

For the entire month of September Husband and I planned out what meals we are going to have, including leftover days. It is a lot easier than doing a long run on Sunday, blog post, planning a list for food for the week, shopping for the food, meal prepping for the week and still managing to do all the laundry at the laundromat all in one day. Much easier this way because the list is made Saturday night. Plus, I’ve added a surprise that’s going to happen in a couple of weeks when it comes to food. Something about buying large quantities of food. . .

If you are just starting on this journey with me, or have been with me from the beginning, it’s never too late to join in. The Dopey Challenge isn’t going to be until January of 2020, so you have a bit of time to prepare yourself. Also, you do not have to do all four races by any means. You could set your goal to do the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, or have it be your very first Marathon. Any and all fitness levels are more than welcome to come along. We can all learn from each other. Let’s all be Dopey together!

Laundry is calling my name.

See you on the other side!


September 2017 Training Calendar

Hey Everyone,

I hope you can see this picture clearly. I am not savvy enough on how to figure out how to get a document to come up with one month on one page. For some reason, I end up with a PDF of my whole possible training schedule.So I do it the hard way, take a picture with my iPad mini of the month I’m going to be working on, then upload the picture to the blog. If you know how to help me, I would be much obliged by your helpfulness.

September 2017 training Calendar

September is starting to ramp up for me because it is the month before the Federal Open Enrollment that starts in October. I will touch on that a little later.

Sundays in Red (09/03 and 09/17) are my super long runs: I will go out on the streets and


take a run. Included is a street route that I’m going to take. I know that the route shows that it is already only going to be about 10.4 miles (down and back) but this route has some corners. I don’t take the most direct route because unfortunately, traffic is a thing.

Sundays in Blue (09/10 and 09/24) are my recovery weekends where I hit the street and take an easy pace and just relax.

Tuesdays in Green are my speed days where I work on my pace work, I might even try some cross training class at my gym. It’s supposed to be a whole body cross training class that uses nothing but my body as weight, and I am most likely going to be exhausted.

Thursdays in Purple are my Hills. The day of the week where I push myself to my limits. And oh my goodness do my legs hurt after those hills. Who knew that the treadmill could go at a 15% incline? I found that out two weeks ago.

Fridays in Yellow are my variety day where I set the treadmill up for variety and just go at the best pace for the incline, I also try to push my race pace, to be fast than usual so there is some resistance.

This is the tentative schedule for September. Sometime during this month my oldest child is going in for a much-needed eye surgery and will need some of my Mommy’s TLC for a couple of days. When that happens, I will try to stick to my schedule, but my kids are always a priority. What might happen is that when it comes time to do my workout I will take my youngest to do his swim lessons (I will do my workout), and my husband will stay home with our oldest. It’s a strong possibility, but we shall see what happens as it comes to pass.

September is also the month before I do a race!! Dun, dun dun. . . I will also be talking later about my first official Dopey Challenge race that is in preparation for the Dopey Challenge in January 2020.

If you are just joining me for this Adventure, congratulations!!! I am so glad to have you here!! This journey is not going to be easy. It’s going to be long, strenuous, and just plain crazy, but no one ever said pushing one’s body to the limits was sane.

See you on the other side!