To Finance or Buy an Upgrade?

May 4, 2018 Hey Everyone, Remember when I told you Husband and I have basic flip phones? If not, you can have a refresher in this post. After 3 years with our old $45 phones, they finally broke down. Mine literally broke in half and Husband's charging unit inside the phone went caput. It was … Continue reading To Finance or Buy an Upgrade?


Do YouNAB?

May 1, 2018 Hey Everyone, So after getting into the car accident in September, and then having massive amounts of overtime from October to December and then again from January until February, and then just being perpetually lazy and recuperating from all the sleepless nights I let my blog slide a little, and my running, … Continue reading Do YouNAB?

First Cold Run

February 13, 2018 Hey Everyone, Yesterday it was so cold that there was a nice blanket of snow covering the ground when I awoke in the morning. Even though it was all melted by the afternoon, I was afraid that it would snow again and this morning would be my first snowy run. Fortunately, while … Continue reading First Cold Run