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Cross-Eyed Life

January 30, 2018 Hey Everyone, I am sorry for not posting the last few days. Life has been in one of those upheavals. Last Thursday my oldest son had eye surgery to correct his Strabismus. This is a condition in which his eyes did not align properly to focus on objects causing double vision, lack of … Continue reading Cross-Eyed Life


Nightly Reading

January 23, 2018 Hey Everyone, I have a couple of amazing boys that are unimaginably turning out to be little nerdy. They absolutely love Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Batman, and Spiderman and just being very intellectual and learning all there is out there about those topics. There is nothing wrong with … Continue reading Nightly Reading

First Week Back Running

First Week Back Running

January 21, 2018 Hey Everyone, This was the first week back to the world of running. I have got to say that it is phenomenal. Missed it tremendously during OEP. Even though it is only the first week, I can already feel a difference in my body. Even last night Husband mentioned to me how happy … Continue reading First Week Back Running