Hate Waiting? Me, too.

May 18, 2018

Hey Everyone,

I don’t know about you but I’m impatient. When I start to plan and think ahead to what I want to be accomplished, I just hate that waiting game, I want to succeed right this exact moment.

It took four years to accrue $89,000 worth of debt. Expecting it to be gone overnight is unreasonable. So far it’s been three years and we are only at $75,000, it should be gone by now. Coming to the realization that with the last three years, we’ve accomplished all that we needed during that time because otherwise, we would have been hungry, homeless, or stressed beyond our capabilities. The way the last three years have gone has not been easy.

Now that a realistic money management system has come to our attention it has opened our eyes to the fact that we are actively (not passively anymore) putting money towards our debts. And with our eyes wide open I hate the fact that I have to wait until my next paycheck, coming later in the month to make another $750 payment towards our debts. And the cycle repeats. Just waiting for the next paycheck after making sure all our basic expenses are taken care of and then applying the remainder for debts. Rinse and repeat.

Part of it is impatience to just move on with life and not being a slave to giving everyone else money for our past life instead of putting it where we want, like… traveling, a larger retirement investment, nine months of expenses put aside, a new car, and so many other things. We know that if we wanted to we could just pay the minimums our whole lives and keep accruing debts so that we can have the high life now, but that’s not realistic and puts everyone in a bad stop further down the road. Plus, all that INTEREST!!

I’ll reign it in though, keeping a level head on my shoulders will allow us to accomplish all those dreams and aspirations and even more than we could ever have dreamed up because we will no longer be hampered by the necessity of giving out all our money before we even see it.

Not being a tax expert by any means I really feel bad for those people that don’t make any preparations for retirement and just end up living on Social Security, which is only expected to be about 40% of the living income during one’s retirement years. That’s not a lot. About $1,360 a month. So to make up the difference of $2,040 needed to cover the remaining expenses it needs to either come from the buried treasure in the backyard, or from a retirement plan that was carefully planned out and invested during the working years.



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