To Finance or Buy an Upgrade?

May 4, 2018

Hey Everyone,

Remember when I told you Husband and I have basic flip phones? If not, you can have a refresher in this post.

After 3 years with our old $45 phones, they finally broke down. Mine literally broke in half and Husband’s charging unit inside the phone went caput. It was a long life for a phone, especially since so many people have the latest and greatest model, spending hundred’s, sometimes thousands on a new iPhone X, or some outrageous amount every couple of months, sometimes every year. More power to them if they can afford the costs.

Now that we have no other option than to get new phones, we had a couple options: Finance or Buy. We both had different expectations of what we wanted in a phone. Husband wanted the ability to talk and text, the phone type wasn’t important while I wanted a Smartphone with internet capabilities. I wanted a “grown-up” phone.

We couldn’t spend an exorbitant amount of money on a phone, $100 each was our limit. In the end, the purchase was on two Android phones. The total cost for both phones, plus protective cases (with children there are always safety cases to be considered), plus paying for the monthly usage bill it came out to $250. We got to keep our same numbers, just needed to import all important phone numbers.

With the upgrade from two flip phones with basic talk/text, pay for what you use phone service it was $35-$45 a month bill up to two Smartphones (Androids) with talk, text, internet, pay for what you use phone service and a monthly bill of $60-$75. Even though we got the most affordable options out there, it feels amazing to say that our bill is still under $100 for two phones.

Using Ting has saved us so much money over the years that it is unbelievable. This is a non-sponsored post, so these are all my own opinions and choices. If we were to take the average cell phone bill for two people $146 and calculate it out over the last three years it would be $5,256. We’ve had a savings of  $3,636 ($45*36 months). Maybe check it out and see what options you can do to lower your cell phone bill. Possibly downgrade your phone, keep the model that you have for another year and pay for your next phone in cash.

Our oldest is 6 years old now and is wanting to get his own cell phone. I told him that he can if he can purchase the phone on his own and pay for his portion of the bill. So far it’s not a high priority for him right now. Ting breaks it down by person what portion is whose with a minimum of $6 monthly fee per device. What he doesn’t know is that when he is 10 (subject to change) that Husband and I will buy him a basic cell phone, case and will pay for the monthly fee of $6, but he pays for everything else out of his budget. We are doing this because we feel that it’s important for him to be able to call us as he gets older and more independent and will provide the tools necessary, but also leaving it up to him to be responsible with his phone usage.

What are your needs when buying a new phone? Do you want to buy outright, or would you be financing, or stay on a contract? How would you handle cell phones with your kids?


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