First Cold Run

February 13, 2018

Hey Everyone,

Yesterday it was so cold that there was a nice blanket of snow covering the ground when I awoke in the morning. Even though it was all melted by the afternoon, I was afraid that it would snow again and this morning would be my first snowy run. Fortunately, while it was not snowy it was very frigid to a solid 20 Degrees this morning. Brrr!!

My bed groaned my name at my insistence on getting up to go pound my feet on the pavement for a 3-mile run, maybe that was Husband. . .

As soon as I went outside my lungs felt pains shoot through them and I just wanted to roll up into a ball and cry the pain felt so sudden and sharp. This run was one of the hardest runs I have had to face so far because with every step I could feel that pain reverberating through my entire body. My ears and nose felt like ice cubes. And while my clothing is breathable it was certainly not keeping the cold out very well. By the time I got finished I was so exhausted, sweaty, and cold

I was a running oxymoron this morning. Sweaty, but chilled. Running as fast as I could possibly go to get it over with, but still ending up with one of my longest average per mile pace. Hungry, but not wanting to eat. What a morning.

This is not something I wish to repeat, but I know that it is inevitable.

How do you combat the cold runs? Any tips or tricks to making it through them with the least pain possible? Any horribly cold runs that went absolutely wrong?

See you on the other side!!


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