January 2018 Running Schedule

January 07, 2018

Hey Everyone,

With everything comes changes, I bet you thought I had given up on running and this whole Dopey Challenge, 48.6 miles in four days in 2020. Nope. You would definitely be mistaken. It wouldn’t be a challenge if I just gave up, would it?

While I did have to step back from running for the last 3 months, I’m not giving up. I had to step back so that I could work some long crazy hours during our busiest time of the year and catch up on bills. Wasting that opportunity is almost like throwing money down the drain. I just couldn’t do that.

Now that I’m getting back on track and integrating running back into my life, I have to do it slowly. I wouldn’t want to injure myself out of impatience. That would make my life a lot more stressful with having to recover from an unnecessary injury. Three to four runs a week. Plenty of rest along the way, with steady mileage increases from week to week.

I looked up some way to keep better track of my goal. So I found a great site, non-affiliated, so you can love it or leave it. Runkeeper as well as using FitBit.

I have three goals:

  1. Dopey Challenge in Orlando, FL in January of 2020
  2. Run 500 Miles this year
  3. Gain 15 pounds

They aren’t super flamboyant but will be challenging in their own ways. But it’s the journey along the way that makes the biggest difference.

See you on the other side.


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