September 2017 Training Calendar

Hey Everyone,

I hope you can see this picture clearly. I am not savvy enough on how to figure out how to get a document to come up with one month on one page. For some reason, I end up with a PDF of my whole possible training schedule.So I do it the hard way, take a picture with my iPad mini of the month I’m going to be working on, then upload the picture to the blog. If you know how to help me, I would be much obliged by your helpfulness.

September 2017 training Calendar

September is starting to ramp up for me because it is the month before the Federal Open Enrollment that starts in October. I will touch on that a little later.

Sundays in Red (09/03 and 09/17) are my super long runs: I will go out on the streets and


take a run. Included is a street route that I’m going to take. I know that the route shows that it is already only going to be about 10.4 miles (down and back) but this route has some corners. I don’t take the most direct route because unfortunately, traffic is a thing.

Sundays in Blue (09/10 and 09/24) are my recovery weekends where I hit the street and take an easy pace and just relax.

Tuesdays in Green are my speed days where I work on my pace work, I might even try some cross training class at my gym. It’s supposed to be a whole body cross training class that uses nothing but my body as weight, and I am most likely going to be exhausted.

Thursdays in Purple are my Hills. The day of the week where I push myself to my limits. And oh my goodness do my legs hurt after those hills. Who knew that the treadmill could go at a 15% incline? I found that out two weeks ago.

Fridays in Yellow are my variety day where I set the treadmill up for variety and just go at the best pace for the incline, I also try to push my race pace, to be fast than usual so there is some resistance.

This is the tentative schedule for September. Sometime during this month my oldest child is going in for a much-needed eye surgery and will need some of my Mommy’s TLC for a couple of days. When that happens, I will try to stick to my schedule, but my kids are always a priority. What might happen is that when it comes time to do my workout I will take my youngest to do his swim lessons (I will do my workout), and my husband will stay home with our oldest. It’s a strong possibility, but we shall see what happens as it comes to pass.

September is also the month before I do a race!! Dun, dun dun. . . I will also be talking later about my first official Dopey Challenge race that is in preparation for the Dopey Challenge in January 2020.

If you are just joining me for this Adventure, congratulations!!! I am so glad to have you here!! This journey is not going to be easy. It’s going to be long, strenuous, and just plain crazy, but no one ever said pushing one’s body to the limits was sane.

See you on the other side!





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