Let’s Not Stress

Let’s Not Stress

August 24, 2017

Hey Everyone,

Let’s talk about stress. It seems that no matter what happens, at some point in time we all get stressed, some more than others. I am a planner by nature to help alleviate unnecessary stress. When things are not planned out, or when major things suddenly change, I stress. My husband is the best person around that will say, “Let it go” which at the time I really don’t appreciate, but later on, I do.

Last week I was super stressed because the Federal Open Enrollment (FOE) is going to start the day after my first race towards the Dopey Challenge and I need to plan out what hours I’m going to work, and still be able to keep to my training calendar dates. You might think that it’s no big deal, but since I work from home for my company and my kids need to stay quiet while I’m working it’s harder on them which I really do not like making them be, especially in the cold weather when they can’t go outside and play like they can otherwise during the year. And with my husband not understanding how to cook properly, or how to do dishes BEFORE they actually need to be used. It stresses me out. Also working 11-14 hours a day is just plain stressful all on its own.

Also, my oldest boy has some eye problems and needs to start a series of eye surgeries to correct his vision. Before the surgeries can start he needs to have an MRI-MRA. I work for the company that has my insurance (in a separate department) so I have a better understanding of how it works. Being told that just to have the MRI-MRA done will cost $6,538 (which covers the entire deductible and the 20% coinsurance) and the ophthalmologist is saying that this needs to start before my boy turns 6 for him to have the best chance at correcting the issues. His 6th birthday is the middle of September. Yikes!!

Another stressor is that my husband still has 3 more semesters of college left (he’s going to graduate December 2018), and he is going to lose his GI benefits (that he got from his mom) in May. We are going to lose 1/3 of our income so that leaves me as a sole provider for my family for 7-10 months.

Lot’s of reasons to stress it seems in my life. I do know that stress is not good for me. Just looking at all the effects it has on the body is a horrible thought. I will try to be better at managing it. Usually by running 5-7 miles or so on the treadmill.

Stress on the Body

What are some ways that you try and keep stress away? I would love to hear from you.

See you on the other side!


One thought on “Let’s Not Stress

  1. That is so true and even positive and happy moment in your life causes stress as well. And these stress factors weigh heavy on your health. I love it.


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