Dream Kitchen

August 22, 2017

Hey Everyone,

Life is always throwing curve balls, slingshots, and just spraying lemon juice straight into the eyes when the desire comes trying to accomplish anything worthwhile.

During this turbulent time in my life, I have been thinking about what would make my life so much easier to accomplish those goals, especially this Dopey Challenge Adventure. The kitchen. The place that hoards all my food, the place my children like to wander into pretending to not know there is anything in the cupboards. The place where my husband likes to make a mess with the clean dishes.

Last week I was reading Forbes and found this article In The Smart Home, The ‘Smart Kitchen’ May Be Biggest Opportunity of All as well as Food + Tech Connect. It led me to start thinking about all the things I would want in my very own Smart Kitchen. The reality is so far off that I will most likely not need one by the time I can actually afford to get one installed in my own home (which I don’t have right now, as we are renting). A girl can dream.


Walk in pantry
Dream Walk in Pantry
  • Food storage space- I would want a kitchen that is big enough to hold all my food supplies. Walk in pantry, stand alone freezers, and even a double sided refrigerator that can hold all the planned out meals for the week for each of us. Growing up my family didn’t have a lot of money to purchase food regularly, so now that I’m an adult I am very food insecure, and will sometimes *always* buy more food than we necessarily need for the week. Never knowing when or where your next meal will come, will ingrain that sense of self-preservation. When I had kids of my own that sense of preservation got even worse, I hope that they never know the fear of possible starvation.Dream Freezer
  • Space enough for more than two or three people to be cooking at the same time. Double ovens, 6 burner stove, an island with a sink. During the holiday seasons or even special events, I would want people to feel free to go into the kitchen and start cooking to help contribute to the meal, and not need to bring it already prepared. Or if people are visiting to just grab something to eat for themselves.
  • Smart technology
    • Some of you will probably think I’m turning to the side of the Devil by wanting to incorporate more technology into my life than I already have but, I disagree. Life sometimes just needs to be easier. On my fridge I would want to be able to keep a running list of things in the pantry, things I need to pick up at the store, that syncs to our non-existent smart phones, meals planned out for the week.
    • Moving it one step further I would want my kitchen to record/set our macro/micro needs. We are all individuals and have different vitamins, mineral and dietary needs in general, so it would be amazing to just be able to have a pre-planned out meal plan choices presented that adjusts during the day as we eat, just in case we don’t eat everything, or even decide to not eat at home (gasp! As if that’s ever going to happen).
    • If the kitchen could also make the food itself that would be amazing! All I would need to do is buy the food, put in times that we are eating, who are eating, and any dietary restrictions and the kitchen would make the food for us. Imagine working at home, and getting a reminder that lunch is ready and all, you are needing to do is eat and put the dishes in the sink! Amazing! Smart-Kitchen

I could actually go into more detail about what I would want in my kitchen, but that is for another day. Tell me some of your dream kitchen ideas, I would love to hear about them, or even the steps you are doing to make your dream a reality.

See you on the other side!


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