Business is Business

Business is Business

Hey Everyone,cropped-dopey

We’ve been talking a lot about the Dopey Challenge Adventure, and how we are going to get there together. Even though the end goal is the same: Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World in January 2020 our journey there is going to vary widely. It does not matter where you came from, what you’ve done, or even the ways you get to the end. What matters is what you are going to do from here on out to better yourself so that this Adventure is the best it could be for you. Some of the key points that I’m going to cover are as follows:

  1. Talk to a medical professional to make sure you are healthy enough to participate in the training program. I want to make sure that no matter what you don’t get hurt, or take things too fast.
  2. Sign up for a race in your area that would be a good starting point. Some websites that you can use to sign up for races are as follows because the holidays are around the corner, but still far enough away to train for a race I would recommend a Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years race.
    1. Active
    2. Run Sign up
    3. Runner’s World
  3. Start a training program. There is a variety of training schedules available out there. Some are better than others, of course, but here are some good places to start.
    1. Jeff Galloway Training
    2. Personal Run Trainer
    3. Couch 2 5K
    4. Free Couch to 5K
  4. Set a meeting on the track, streets, or treadmill. Make it an official time slot on your calendar that you don’t miss. I know life sometimes get in the way, time management is the best defense to an ever-changing offense. Something like that, I’m not a sports person, other than running, swimming, and occasionally playing some soccer with my kids.
  5. Meal plan and prep. You can do this a variety of ways. Plan the meals for the next week, or two weeks (month if you can), build a list of exactly what you are going to be eating for your meals during that time and then shop for ONLY those items. This could be a little difficult the first time, but don’t give up. The next time will be better. A great benefit of doing this, in the long run, will also be saving money on food (versus spending more money eating out).
  6. Match your training $1 for mile. This last one might be a little different when it comes to recommended ways to go forward. The reason why this little tidbit is added is that I don’t know too many people that can afford to spend $6,000-$8,000 (including airfare) on a weeks vacation for a family of 4 at Walt Disney World without much advanced financial planning. Over the next 2 years during your training for every whole mile, put aside a matching $1. Put it out of sight. Realistically, you will be able to pay for the race itself. But either way, you have 2 years to put aside the money.

I am really glad that you are coming along on the Dopey Challenge Adventure. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I am coming along on this journey with you so you are never alone. Let’s do this!

48.6 miles for fun

See you on the other side!


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