January 1, 2017- July 10, 2017

Hey Everyone,

So here’s an update in my temperature blanket for 2017. I’m a little behind. I know, I know. It’s the middle of August and I’m only into the middle of July, but please take pity on me. The weather has been crazy hot, I am talking 99+ degrees in the middle of the Nevada dessert. You can tell from all the red at the bottom of my blanket. I wish we could go back to the orange color. 

So hot! My Goodness!

For those of you just joining, the reason I am making this blanket is because, 1) the love of doing arts and crafts was given to me by my grandmother whom I love and miss dearly, 2) I love my husband very much, but I cannot stand his movie tastes and need to be doing something with my hands or I will fall asleep, and 3) all the proceeds of selling the temperature blankets go towards paying the expenses of this Dopey Challenge when the time comes.

In Reno, NV the temperatures are CRAZY! The low for the year is 16 degrees and the high for the year is 104 degrees. We are currently in the “High” part of the year. That gives us such a range that it makes for a very colorful blanket as you can see. The random pink squares are there for a visual separation of the months.

 If you do crafts, have you considered doing a temperature blanket? Or a temperature scarf? The possibilities are endless. You could even go to a year the was important to you (wedding year, year a child was born, graduation, etc.) and do the temperatures for that year. Show me what you’ve done. Send me an idea and we can discuss the next steps to starting.

See you on the other side!


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