Meal Prepping

Hey Everyone,

In the beginning of this journey, I didn’t think that it was important about what I ate because I was exercising more often than I had been. So I’ve been putting off what would be in the best interest of myself during this crazy, whirlwind adventure, my husband, and kids. Usually, if there was any question as to what was for dinner, or if there is a “special event” we take the easy way out and just go to Taco Bell, or McDonald’s before of after the even. Not the best options, but that’s what we would do. Not anymore!! There is going to be a change and that starts with school starting again.

It’s that time of year again where kids are starting school again, which means- school lunches. This is actually the first year where my oldest is going to school and so I did some research, i.e. Pinterest, to find some great lunch organizing ideas. And meal prepping to make it easier for everyone involved.

I was dreading this experience because that means my oldest child is growing up and the reality of that fact makes me a little emotionally unstable. Instead of avoiding the inevitable, I faced my challenge head on. Ending up with a very clean fridge.


Let’s just say that this fridge needed a deep clean. After two years of living in this apartment and only doing the basic maintenance of cleaning the old food for the new every one to two weeks. Good thing there was not anything that was moldy or more than a couple days past the expiration date, but just the same there was splatter stains, crumbs, and nastiness.

With Cozi I then planned what meals we were going to have for the next week as well as what foods would be easy, yet not too nutritionally deficit for the boys for their lunches. This idea was more difficult than I had previously thought.


This is what we ended up with. It looks pretty packed, but in reality, there hardly is anything behind what you see, carrots and celery in the upper middle left drawer and nothing in the bottom drawer at all. The fruit and vegetables are all cut up and separated into the containers on the middle shelf.


I do know that this is going be a steep learning process, that will help save the family money because there is less wasted food, because we are eating exactly what we buy, or buying exactly what we need (however that works). Also, because we aren’t going to be buying “junk” food, or going out to eat unless it is pre-planned ahead of time, that will help implement with the kids how to shop and eat healthfully, and mindfully.

We are definitely not perfect and we will fall off the wagon on this adventure, but let’s plan for the best, and just find a balance.

If you haven’t cleaned out your fridge recently, (within the last 6 months), I would urge you to at least do one shelf to start the process, or even go all the way to emptying it out and even cleaning the shelves, and drawers. I don’t want to hear about strange cases of listeria.

You can even post before and after photos, I would love to see the different fridge organization skills you have.

See you on the other side.


2 thoughts on “Meal Prepping

  1. This is quite the industrious task you’ve taken on. But it is the perfect time. Work, school, college who has time to prepare each and everyday. You not only secure your meals but free up a whole of time and effort to spend on family for rest of week.Awesome job Jaklin.


    1. Thank you so much! By the time it takes me to go shopping, come home and cut everything/prepare everything for the rest of the week, it takes about 3 hours from start to finish.

      After we use a container it is washed and ready for the next use. Plus, the container and lid are washed in the same load so they don’t get lost. You should try it for you and your girls.


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