7 Miles Before 9:30 AM

Hey Everyone,

Today was a long run day. A great 7 miles to be exact.  As an added bonus, I stayed up late last night making a pan of delicious goodness called cinnamon rolls. 

I do not have a GPS on my brick of a phone. Which is fine by me, it has all my basic needs met: it makes and receives calls/texts. With my husband having an identical phone we pay an average of $30 a month to use/have with Ting. So to make sure I am safe I print off 2 copies of my route and keep the route open on the desktop. One copy is for me and the others are for my husband. 

Here are the updated stats: 

Weight: 87.5 pounds 

Chest: 29″

Waist: 23″

R. Arm: 9″

L. Arm: 9″

R. Thigh: 16 1/2″

L. Thigh: 16 1/2″

Hips: 31″

Miles Down: 181

Miles Down: 181Miles Down: 181
I can really see a difference in my body since the start of this journey. I actually love my body, and am just documenting how it changes during this journey. If you are wanting to come along, take some measurements, talk with a medical professional to see if you are physically able to participate, pick a great beginner running/training schedule and make an appointment on your calendar. I wouldn’t mind hearing about what some of the amazing plans you decide to use, and even keep me posted on your progress as well. Starting is the hardest part. 

After a brief body assessment I have found a blister on the outer side of my big left toe, on top of another blister. It hurts like crazy, but I don’t want to pop it or allow it to get infected. I am such a baby when it comes to my feet. Running might not have been a good activity to participate in. . . just kidding. I still love running. 

See you on the other side!


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